Zumtobel slot ii led. SLOTLIGHT LED Pendant 4


Zumtobel slot ii led. SLOTLIGHT LED Pendant 4

Pendant SLOTLIGHT LED II product range consists of /2″, Zumtobel SLOTLIGHTLED2 DIR lm CRI80 35K OPAL 4 SLOTLIGHT LED PENDANT OFFICE CONFERENCE RETAIL. Zumtobel SLOTLIGHT II by Zumtobel Lighting. Saves energy; Saves SLOTLIGHT II LED escapes the restrictions of the T16 lamp by using LED lighting points that can. SLOTLIGHT II LED single luminaires SLOT2 24W LED L NETWIZJA LED LED service life 50,h for 70 % luminous flux with LED.


The moulding channel, which is available in lengths of one, two, three or four metres, ensures precise and flush installation in concrete ceilings and walls. In order to ensure material and colour consistency, the luminaire channel, front-end cap and cover sheet are made of powder-coated aluminium. As the reflector is inside the luminaire, the wall washer is not recognisable as such from the outside. The application area ranges from reception areas, to corridors, to lounge areas and break-out zones. Problems with the formation of cracks are now a thing of the past as well, as the luminaire is technically and thermally separated from the ceiling by a mounting frame.

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Istanbul slot coordination

DGCA regulates and ensures the development of the civil aviation activities therefore GDSAA performs the management of Turkish airports and controls the Turkish airspace as a state owned enterprise since In consideration of the duties and responsibilities of each two above mentioned authorities, the SLOTs regulations have been mentioned on laws and directives drafted by the DGCA until 17 June By this law, the first writing regulation in relation to the SLOT applications has been provided and the Air Transportation Department of the DGCA has been appointed as the unit responsible to ensure the SLOT application on aerodromes with intensive traffic and to make and to follow up the necessary arrangements in this matter.

The Directive has been promulgated to the purpose of setting out the principles and procedures in SLOT applications at scheduled or coordinated airports. The scheduled or coordinated airports and air carriers using those airports, their representatives, airport operators, air traffic service units, commissions and committees evaluating the demands of the SLOT with the tariff organizers and coordinators, and other relevant persons, institutions and organizations are subject to the Directive in SLOT applications within Turkey.

In such case that series of SLOTs shall entitle the air carrier concerned to the same series of SLOTs in the next equivalent scheduling period, if requested by that air carrier. In a situation where all SLOT requests cannot be accommodated to the satisfaction of the air carriers concerned, preference shall be given to commercial air services and in particular to scheduled services and programmed non scheduled air services.

In the case of competing requests within the same category of services, priority shall be given for year round operations or to air carriers entitled to use the coordinated airport as the base. Re-timing of series of SLOTs before the allocation of the remaining slots from the pool to the other applicant air carriers shall be accepted only for operational reasons or if SLOT timings of applicant air carriers would be improved in relation to the timings initially requested.

If a requested SLOT cannot be accommodated, the coordinator shall inform the requesting air carrier of the reasons therefore and shall indicate the nearest available alternative slot. The coordinator shall, in addition to the planned SLOT allocation for the scheduling period, endeavor to accommodate single SLOT requests with short notice for any type of aviation, including general aviation.

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